Prudent Investment Management

Our Investment Philosophy is a Remarkably Elegant Blend of Prudence and Defense

That is because our clients specifically want their wealth to be managed for consistency and longevity. 

“The single greatest way to compound capital is to avoid losses” ~ Warren Buffett

As such, we reject conventional “cookie cutter” portfolio strategies and instead leverage a proprietary "Endowment Style" investing approach that is enhanced by avoiding the typical liquidity traps faced by endowments. This is done to help our clients pursue responsible, consistent growth while defending against protracted market downturns.

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Astute Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning Approach Helps Defend Clients Against "Wealth Destroyers"

"Generational wealth starts with one risk taker." ~ Apocryphal

As keen stewards, we help clients better safeguard their “bedrock wealth” against the often-overlooked traps that can arise at moment's notice.


Wealth Destroyer #1: Lack of Coordinated Planning

Our clients have complex financial lives. We help them to simplify where possible and to save them time by acting as the "Financial Directors" of their lives. 

As such, we coordinate with their attorneys, CPAs, and other experts to keep strategies aligned and operating at peak efficiency - all behind the scenes so our clients can maximize their time.

Wealth Destroyer #2: Estate Taxes

Without decisive action, the federal government will take a 40% bite out of large generational legacies. In fact, as current law is written, the estate tax exemption limit is slated to be cut in half by the end of 2025.

In response, we leverage layered estate tax mitigation strategies to keep as much of our clients’ wealth in the family as possible.

Wealth Destroyer #3: Inflation

Inflation is known as the silent killer because it quietly erodes the value of a “safe” portfolio over time. We help our clients fight inflation through responsible growth while carefully managing risk.

In fact, we can help you specifically to identify what may be some generational opportunities to reposition in the current landscape.

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How We Charge

Transparency Matters!

That is why Peristyle offers a "fee-only" model for the majority of its services and posts these fees for the world to see.

Under a fee-only model, Peristyle neither generates nor receives commissions based on trading activity, recommendations, or asset allocation. 

Instead, clients are charged a mutually agreed upon percentage fee based on the assets under Peristyle's advisement and the services selected.




Assets Managed

Investment Management

Financial Planning


Under $7.5 million




Next $7.5 - $15 million




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