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Defensive Investment Management & Financial Planning
For Highly-Selective Entrepreneurs Seeking to Better
Protect Their Wealth, Time, and Legacies.

Turn on Sound

Our clients entrust us with the "bedrock wealth"
that they are creating and we manage it for multi-generational longevity with obsessive attention
to detail and uncompromising prudence. 

Our Sole Focus is to Help Remarkable Innovators
Protect & Grow Wealth in Two Distinctive Ways


Defensive Investing Designed to Pursue Consistency & Hedge Against Downturns.

Many of our clients have created their wealth through entrepreneurial pursuits and come to us to protect the resulting "bedrock wealth" that their family's future depends on.

That's why our investment approach prioritizes defense against extended market downturns while opportunistically hunting growth. 

If you are looking to 2-3x your wealth through high-risk investing, we are not the firm for you because doing so may heighten the risk of outsized losses.

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About Why Clients Embrace Our Unique Investment Approach: 


Financial Planning to Mitigate Generational Taxes and Coordinate Clients' Financial Affairs. 

Our clients have complex financial lives that we help to simplify and manage. Most have spent their working lives building a financial legacy for their children, families, and the causes that they champion.

We leverage (often underappreciated) opportunities in tax laws to help offset the impact of significant tax liabilities on the next generation. 

Note: Current tax law is slated to cut the estate 

tax exemptions by half at the end of 2025.

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We Help Defend Clients From

This and Other Potential

"Wealth Destroyers":

Why Partner w/Peristyle?


Your time is invaluable and not

to be wasted.

When it comes to the ongoing monitoring of your progress towards goals, we're not of the "set it and forget it" mentality at Peristyle.


We pride ourselves on being deeply committed to looking out for you and your best interests. 

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Your assets deserve thoughtfulness and care in how they are managed.


As such, we employ an investment philosophy built on the belief that "Defense Wins Championships."


To us, this means utilizing diversification, being flexible, and refining your game plan as markets and situations evolve. 

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You have high standards for yourself and those you work alongside.


That is why we view academic rigor, professional development, and keen organization as our essential pillars to add value to your life.

At Peristyle, we're not concerned about sales, we're concerned about results.


Contact us for a confidential discussion to explore how we can best serve you.  


You can expect a timely response.

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