Defensive Investment Management & Financial Planning For Highly-Selective Entrepreneurs Seeking to Better Preserve Their Wealth, Time, and Legacies.

As an innovator, the "bedrock wealth" you create deserves keen stewardship to help ensure that it endures throughout your lifetime and beyond. That’s why Peristyle is obsessively focused on providing Defensive Investment Management & Financial Planning for astute entrepreneurs seeking to better preserve their wealth, time, and legacies.

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Our Sole Focus is to Help Remarkable Innovators Preserve & Manage Wealth In Two Distinctive Ways

Doing Your Research?

5 traits to look for when evaluating an advisor:

1. Undiluted focus on the needs of entrepreneurs

How many people like me do you serve? Entrepreneurship is an extraordinary journey that breaks the conventional rules of building wealth. Advisors who try to be all things to all people usually lack depth of experience and critical access to the tools and techniques needed by business owners.

2. Direct investment management experience

Who manages your clients’ portfolios? Many financial advisors are salespeople who outsource investment management to someone else. Consistent returns in today's markets require a bespoke investment strategy and obsessive attention to risk management.

3. Experience mitigating risk in difficult markets

What’s your plan for when markets are down 30%? Today’s markets are highly volatile and systemic risks abound. Advisors who push “cookie cutter” portfolios or set aggressive growth goals often leave risk mitigation as an afterthought. That oversight risks significant losses and limits the “dry powder” available to invest in opportunities that may arise when markets are favorable.

4. Access to a “pit crew” of specialists

What specialists do you work with? Every driver relies on a team of engineers, mechanics, and specialized experts to keep their car tuned and on the circuit. Financial planning works the same way. Many advisors don’t have access to the “invitation-only” groups and serious specialists entrepreneurs need to know.

5. A specialized skill set for complex needs

Are you the best at serving entrepreneurs like me? A shrewd owner knows better than to entrust his priceless 250 GTO to the local mechanic. He takes it to the best Ferrari specialist in the world. Remote advice means not settling for local or regional advisors with limited expertise but seeking an ideal fit anywhere in the U.S.

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