Quality > Quantity: 

Attempting to be all things to all people is a bit of a fool's errand.

As such, Peristyle stands apart from generic financial planning firms by instead focusing specifically on providing undiluted expertise to a select few who seek to protect their wealth both from market risks and beyond... 

If you are interested in keen stewardship that can help you preserve your wealth, time, and legacy, look no further.

As you contemplate a long-term relationship with Peristyle, know that our tireless obsession is helping you to steer clear of "Wealth Destroyers" so that your finances remain comfortably ahead of the pack.

Besides, what good are positive investment returns if you aren't protecting yourself from other pitfalls such as legal judgements, health events, and many other unforeseen circumstances that can take your wealth away in an instant?

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We Help Remarkable People Preserve & Manage Wealth In Two Distinctive Ways


Defensive Investing Designed to Pursue Consistency & Hedge Against Downturns

Our clients entrust us to help protect the "bedrock wealth" that their family’s future depends on. As such, our investment approach prioritizes defense against extended market downturns while opportunistically hunting growth.

If you are seeking to 2-3x your wealth through careless speculation, we are not the firm for you. Instead, we are unwaveringly focused on prudent growth when markets are favorable while maintaining defensive measures for when markets face headwinds.

Why? Because, as Warren Buffet astutely noted:

“The single greatest way to compound capital is to avoid losses.” 

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Comprehensive Financial Planning to Help Defend Against Overlooked "Wealth Destroyers"

While most people seem to understand risks that are inherent to investing, we pride ourselves on deftly identifying and addressing potentially catastrophic risks that exist well beyond portfolios. Knowing that life can change in an instant, the deep level of comprehensive financial planning we provide can help preserve your financial legacy from often overlooked “wealth destroyers” that could erase what you have spent years building.

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Doing Your Research?

5 traits to look for when evaluating an advisor:

1. Undiluted focus on your types of needs

Does it make more sense for you to work with a firm without a specific niche? Is generic advice good enough? While that may work just fine for most people, Peristyle serves a very specific niche. Namely, we only work with people who share a disposition that values mitigating risks in markets and life so that you can seize potential opportunities and preserve the lifestyle you deserve.

2. Direct investment management experience

Who is actually managing the money? Many financial advisors are asset gatheres...not asset managers. In other words, salespeople who outsource investment management to someone else. At Peristyle, we are 100% hands on when it comes to allocating assets on behalf of our clients. 

3. Experience mitigating risk in difficult markets

What’s your plan for if markets are down -30%? Today’s markets are highly volatile and systemic risks abound. Advisors who push “cookie cutter” portfolios or set aggressive growth goals often leave risk mitigation as an afterthought. That oversight risks significant losses and limits the “dry powder” you may need to deploy when markets are presenting their best opportunities.

4. Access to a “pit crew” of specialists

What specialists do you work with? Elite drivers rely on a team of engineers, mechanics, and specialized experts to keep their car tuned and on the circuit. Financial planning works the same way. Many advisors simply don’t have access to the “invitation-only” groups and serious specialists that highly astute families need to know. We do.

5. A specialized skill set without geographical limitations

Is a local advisor truly the best person for the job? Think about it: A shrewd automotive enthusiast knows better than to entrust a priceless vintage Ferrari to a random mechanic. Instead, he or she seeks out the best specialists in the world. Engaging with a firm that is the best fit for you means not settling for local or regional advisors who may have limited expertise. In this modern era of interconnectivity, that risk can be eliminated when you go with the best fit irrespective of physical location.

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