Services with Radical Transparency

(We Don't Just Talk About it, We ARE About it)


So many firms these days talk about "transparency" on their websites yet (ironically) require you to contact them directly to learn how much they charge

and what you'll expect in return.


Not Peristyle.

See below exactly how we operate with (2) core services that are fairly priced

with a sliding cost structure posted at the bottom of this page

I. Investment Management

(maximum fees up to 0.85% per year)

II. Custom Financial Planning*

(maximum fees up to 0.15% per year)

*Only available to Investment Management clients.


Managing Your Current Investments:

Should you have existing investments, it may be advisable to maintain those specific holdings or strategies for a variety of reasons. As such, we will help you to ensure that cost efficiencies are either maintained or improved upon when possible.

Included in this service is a risk assessment, performance monitoring/reporting, and access to a wide array of asset classes, portfolio managers, and financial solutions.


Peristyle Proprietary Model Portfolio:

We take full discretion to manage your assets in a diversified investment strategy comprised of our best ideas.

To do so, we allocate across a broad spectrum of asset classes while paying close attention to both fundamental market influences and trend/momentum based metrics. ​

By design, the aim of this strategy is to offer responsible growth when markets are favorable and to potentially limit downside participation during prolonged economic downturns.  



Tailored Financial Planning Focused on YOU.  

Managing the totality of one's financial affairs can be daunting and time consuming. But you don't have to go it alone.


The Custom Financial Planning services offered by Peristyle begin with a focus on your needs, goals, and values.

You'll then receive ongoing guidance that is tailored specifically to your unique situation, even as it evolves. 

We Help Answer Questions Like:

"Am I saving enough for retirement?

"Will my nest egg prevent me from running out of money?"

"How do I ensure that my CPA, Estate Planners, and other advisory relationships coordinate their guidance?"

"Am I making progress towards my goals?

 Visit the "Client Types" page for more examples of who we can help, how we can help them, and the questions they may ask.


Transparency Matters! 

That is why Peristyle offers a "fee-only" model for the majority of its services and posts these fees for the world to see.

Under a fee-only model, Peristyle neither generates nor receives commissions based on trading activity, recommendations, or asset allocation. 

Instead, clients are charged a mutually agreed upon percentage fee based on the assets under Peristyle's advisement and the services selected.


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