"You cannot control the wind, but you can adjust the sails..." 

- Adage of Unknown Origin  

Investment Philosophy:

While you cannot control the markets, you can have a plan. 

Financial markets are inherently unpredictable and virtually impossible to forecast with meaningful regularity. This notion presents investors a series of peculiar dilemmas.




 "How do I go about making investment decisions?"


"Does 'Buy & Hold' make sense for me?"


"Am I diversified enough?"

To complicate the matter, experts in the field of Behavioral Finance often observe that investors routinely make decisions based on emotions that can be in conflict with one's rational self interest.


At Peristyle, we believe that the traditional portfolio's that are comprised of 60% stocks + 40% bonds are problematic and can be improved upon.


To do so, we favor a combination of studying market fundamentals while observing prevailing price trends and momentum. This can form the basis for a responsible strategy to navigate financial markets in concert with your financial plan.

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