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Growing Families:

When families grow, so does complexity.

Whether you are just starting out raising children of your own or you are the parent of adult children who are growing their own families, such a sea change can generate some complexity and opportunities to plan for accordingly. 

New Parents:

When it comes to being a new parent, many are struck with the sudden realization that the moment they arrive home with their child for the first time, there is no definitive guidebook or manual waiting for them to tell them how to parent. As such, parents are often left asking questions like:

"How will we pay for school or daycare needs?

"How do we save for his/her college?"

"Do we need a larger home? Can we afford it?

"Is this a time to review insurance options to potentially protect my family should something happen? 

Grand Parents:

Bearing witness to the birth or addition of grandchildren to a family is a truly special life event. Depending on the circumstances, you may feel a sense of obligation either to the grandchild, the grandchild's parents, or both. 

At this time you may also feel it necessary to revisit how you've organized your estate plan, who you'd like to support financially, and perhaps even who else in the family you'd like to help educate about your financial affairs, intentions, and long-term family legacy.

Peristyle is here to help you answer many of the questions you may have and stands ready to help you put together a game plan that takes into consideration your needs, your goals, and your values. 

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